Why does The Emperor’s Own take place in an alternative universe, based 19th century Russian Empire, as opposed to a historically accurate one?


   The short answer is so that we can make the game more interesting and optimize the development process. 

   Some might say that if there’s already an established setting and “lore” of that time period, that will make development easier, and that’s partially true. But it’s more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Let’s take a rifle as an example. 

   This is a 4 barrel rotating-bolt rifle rifle, a very rare, but interesting design from that time period. Four barrels allow for four shots without reloading, the entire barrel turns 180 degrees, and each barrel could have a different caliber.

   Adding this weapon to The Emperor’s Own would make the game more fun to play, and give the player more options, so we’re thinking about implementing this rifle. In an alternate universe, based on 19th century Russian Empire, it’s entirely possible that Imperial Secret Intelligence officers could have such a weapon.


Why?  Because this rifle really existed. Because men that work for the Emperor himself could have the best equipment available. Because weapons like this make the game more interesting, the leveling system more varied, and the combat more complex. 

   Now, let’s imagine if we the game took place in a historically accurate setting. This rifle simply didn’t exist in 19th century Russia. And if if didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be able to add it to the game. And this rifle is just one out of dozens of various weapons that we plan to include, never mind all the various buildings, furniture, clothing, etc.

   By setting the game in an alternate universe we open up our options to make the game and the story as varied and interesting as possible. Our goal is to create a unique gameplay experience, and that’s why we use real history for inspiration, but deviate from it whenever we want. That’s why The Emperor’s Own is set in an alternate universe, base on 19th century Russian Empire.